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Fixed in Build 
CollapseStatus: Pending Verification
 10CorrectedClass TOpenDialog not found error being displayed when adding an image to the eCommerce online description.
 11CorrectedIn specific circumstances, editing a field included in the multifield search will result in error #506 Cannot lock the session manager.
CollapseStatus: Closed
 1VerifiedInvoice, Order, SO report templates are referencing a field that no longer exists in the transaction tables.
 2VerifiedWooCommerce utility throwing invalid json error when no category images are present.
 3VerifiedContainer cost for invoices and service order is saving the line item cost instead of the owned serialized cost for owned serialized items.
 4VerifiedDatabaser server administrator executable version was not updated to indicate v22 build base.
 5VerifiedRecurring invoice processing is creating duplicate entries in the drawer detail table when processing back to back RI with credit cards.
 6VerifiedToggling show errors only on and then off in recurring invoice maint when no error entries exist leaves edit and delete buttons disabled.
 7VerifiedAudit entries are missing from the status updates made from the open order and open so selection windows.
 8VerifiedServer Administrator migration function is performing the path validation on database entries that are not selected.
 9CorrectedServer administrator migration function is throwing rSession already exists error if the validation fails and the migration is attempted a second time.

Legend: New: New Report - Not yet confirmed
Confirmed: Confirmed issue - Needs correction
Unresolved: Issue uncorrected - Needs further investigation
Corrected: Corrected in source code - Awaiting verification
Verified: Correction verified - Issue Resolved
W.A.D.: Working as designed or unable to reproduce the issue
Deferred: Issue to be addressed at a later time