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Atrex 22 Beta Documentation

Welcome to the Atrex 22 beta.  Please take a few minutes to read through this document BEFORE installing the beta version, as it should answer most of the questions that you have with regards to the beta.

The purpose of this beta is to flush out any bugs or program anomalies that were not caught during the development of the package.  While suggestions are always welcome, please be aware that Atrex 22 is in the final stages of development and suggestions made at this point in the development cycle will be logged for consideration for a future version.

Program Changes and New Features:

The changes between the latest versions of Atrex can be viewed from the following links: Instructions for Installing the Atrex 22 Beta

The Atrex 22 beta is a "LIVE" beta, meaning that it will behave exactly like the final production version. If you install the version 22 beta on a system that already has an older version of Atrex installed, it WILL overwrite that previous installation and will automatically convert your data from the older version forward for use with Atrex 22. The instructions for installing version 22 depend upon the type of configuration you are currently running and which version of Atrex you upgrading from:

The beta download files are available here.
Important Notes: (Please read
ALL of the notes)

  • Data Compatibility: Once data from an older version is converted forward to Atrex 22, it cannot be converted back. Make sure you make backups of your data before you install and convert your data for use with Atrex 22. If you wish to move from v22 back to an older version of Atrex, you will need to restore from a backup made in the older version prior to the data conversion to v22.

  • Credit Card Processing / Signature Capture: The Worldpay TriPOS and CardKnox processing modules are now part of the main Atrex installation and will be updated automatically as part of the v22 beta.  The Worldpay Datacap processing module is being removed from Atrex 22 and accounts are being migrated to the TriPOS integration.   The Topaz signature plug-in on the main downloads page has been updated for v21 and v22 comptatibility.

  • Exception Reports: The beta version may include a built in error report utility. If the beta version encounters a problem that results in a memory access violation or a memory leak, you will be prompted to send the exception report to our development team. The information included in this exception report will help us identify the specific line of code that failed. If you wish to view the information being sent, click on the details button of the exception message before sending. Please note that memory leaks are detected and reported AFTER Atrex is closed and can appear as a hung instance of Atrex in Task Manager while it's processing the leak information.

  • Performance: The performance of the beta version may vary noticeably between builds due to the debugging and error reporting functionality. This may be especially evident during program startup and shutdown.

  • Custom Reports:  Version 22 can use almost any report created in Atrex 11, 12, 13 in compatibility mode which will be turned on automatically during the conversion . Most custom reports designed for Atrex 14 and newer will work without any modifications in v22, but once a report is modified in version 22, it is no longer compatible with older versions of Atrex.

  • Registration: The registration and evaluation functionality is identical to the standard version of the package. If you are licensed for Atrex 16 or higher, your registration information will be retrieved and used in the beta.

  • Beta Expirations and Updates: All beta versions will have built in expiration dates, anywhere between 7 and 30 days, getting longer as we approach the final release. This ensures that users are working with relatively current builds, which in turn reduces the number of bug reports sent to us as they are corrected. Beta updates will be posted periodically as needed.

  • Documentation: The Atrex help has been updated for version 22. The users guide has not been updated for the beta and will most likely not be updated prior to the full release of Atrex 22.

  • Table Changes: There may be a few changes in the first few weeks of the beta that will require the addition of a few new fields in several of the tables.  Please run the Batch Processing with the "Verify Table Structures" option selected after each beta update.

  • eCommerce Utilities:  Atrex 22 compatible versions of the Zen Cart and WooCommerce utilities are available on the beta downloads page.

  • Windows 7/8 Compatibility:  Millennium Software will not be performing any compatibility testing for any version of Windows older than Windows 10, nor will we be making any program changes in Atrex for Windows 7, or 8 compatibility in the event that there any incompatibilities are discovered.

  • Pricing: The current Atrex 21 pricing is available at  Pricing IS expected to change either prior to or with the release of Atrex 22 .   If you are coming from Atrex 15 or older, the pricing model for Atrex 22 has changed significantly, so please keep this in mind before installing the Atrex 22 beta.

Beta Support and Bug Reports:
As this is a live beta, support is available via our normal support options, but we do request that for non-urgent issues or bug reports that you use the following options:
When reporting a bug, please be as specific and detailed as possible to inform us where in the program you experienced the problem and how it can be reproduced.  Insufficient information may result in the bug not being corrected for the final release. The minimum information that we need is:
  • The build number and build date of your Atrex.  (Options – System Information)
  • Where in the program you are experiencing the problem.
  • Detailed steps to reproduce the problem
  • Operating System, if the issue appears to be related to the OS .
In some instances, we will request that you send us your data in order to attempt correction of the problem.